Welcome to Renascent Studios, I'm Lisa, an independent jewelry designer. I hand make all the jewelry pieces available, specializing in fidget jewelry and jewelry for anxiety. 

I've always loved making jewelry, I find it very calming and I use it as a meditative outlet for my personal anxiety issues. 

For those of us that are anxious or stressed the fidget jewelry really helps provide a way to manage these emotions in a discreet way. While the natural healing properties of the gemstone jewelry help sooth and comfort, each stone has their own unique healing properties and uses. 


Running this small business gives me a way to help people and contribute to the community. When you buy from Renascent Studios a percentage of sales is donated to a national or international charity annually. 

2016 charity donations went towards Plan Canada the "Because I am a Girl" Campaign which is a global initiative working to end gender inequality and promote girls’ rights.

2017 donations are going towards CAMH - Canadian Mental Health Association. CAMH is a voluntary organization, which provides a wide range of innovative services and support to people who are experiencing mental illness and their families across Canada.

2018 - This year is split between two charities, equally fantastic, and personal to me. CAMH - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation & Sick Kids Foundation.

2019 - YMHC - Youth Mental Health Canada is a youth-driven and led, non-profit, focused on education, support and advocacy for youth mental health and wellness promotion and change.

2020 - Canadian Cancer Society which funds research, provides services to those living with cancer, advocates on important cancer-related issues and educates and empowers people to make healthy choices.

Stay connected and follow to see latest updates & new collections as soon as they are released!