Commonly Asked Questions

What Does 14K Gold filled or Rose Gold filled mean?

Yellow gold filled jewelry is a good quality, more affordable alternative to solid gold. Also known as “rolled gold” or “gold overlay”, it’s easily confused with gold plating, gold filled is over 100 times thicker than standard gold plating; however, the key difference is that it’s filled with solid gold, hence the name.

In terms of construction of gold filled jewelry, the layer of solid gold is bonded to a base metal (such as brass, rhodium, copper or sterling silver) using a specific amount of heat and pressure. The jewelry piece has to have a solid gold content of at least 5% of its total weight, otherwise it’s not classed as gold filled.

“Yellow gold” refers to the specific coloring of the jewelry which, in this case, is widely recognized as the traditional gold hue. You can also get “white gold” (silver) filled jewelry, as well as “rose gold”. Gold filled jewelry typically won't chip, fade or tarnish and it's great for people that have skin sensitivities.

How should I clean my jewelry?

Regular Day-to-Day Maintenance ~

If you've been sweaty or your jewelry has product on it (especially sunscreen), give your piece a rinse in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild soap then dry it with a soft cloth.

Deeper Cleaning ~

Pieces caked in sunscreen, sweat or other products, give it a deep clean, ASAP.  

~ Get a bowl of warm water with a small amount of gentle or mild dish soap (I use Dawn)

~ Soak for 5-10 minutes.  

~ Scrub with a soft toothbrush, really get into where the dirt and products like to build up.  

~ Rinse it in lukewarm water a few times to make sure all the soap is off.  

~ Dry well afterward with a soft cloth, make sure pieces are totally dry before storing.

How should I store my jewelry?

Your jewelry should be stored away from natural sunlight, heat and moisture. To prevent tarnishing keep pieces in a sealed bag like a plastic zip lock bag, this will also increase the life of your piece. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom.

How should I care for my jewelry?

Don't wear your jewelry anytime you will be exposed to moisture like swimming, showering, exercising, using cleaning products, applying make up, sunscreen this may damage your metal jewelry and will ruin leather jewelry.

Gemstone rings are delicate, misuse may cause breakage and possibly cracked stones, wear with care. 

The BEST ways to ensure your  jewelry lasts - Take your jewelry off to sleep and make sure your jewelry is the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

Can sterling sliver or gold filled jewelry tarnish?

Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish over time, this is a natural occurring process since silver reacts with so many materials found in everyday life.

Regular day to day maintenance will keep tarnish away also store silver items in a sealed bag closes tightly (ziploc) You can also put a silica gel bag inside, along with your jewelry. These small silica packets absorb humidity and help to delay tarnishing.

Although not common, tarnishing CAN happen too 14K gold and rose gold filled filled jewelry under certain circumstances. Chemical reactions can happen when gold filled jewelry is exposed to chlorine in pools & hot tubs, cleaning products, perfumes, make up, hairspray, lotions and worst of all, SUNSCREEN! Day to day maintenance should keep this from happening.

Chemicals in your sweat, personal body chemistry (or medications you may be taking), could be hard on your gold filled pieces.
Personal body chemistry can affect metal pieces, 90% of people usually have no problem, for 10% pieces might not be as shiny after a few months. Regular day-to-day maintenance and care will help keep your jewelry sparkly.


Will my skin turn colours or react to metal jewelry?

Some people may experience a blackening or green colouring of the skin while wearing sterling silver jewelry. This can be caused by highly acidic perspiration or contact with chemical products such as perfume, makeup, hairspray, cleaning products, etc... 

When silver tarnishes, the jewelry gradually turns black, which can then rub off on your skin and cause black discolouration. To avoid this be sure to keep your jewelry clean and dry. 

While rare, some people may have an allergic reaction to sterling silver or metal jewelry, red or itchy skin, although rare it can happen. None of these conditions are to be taken as an indication of the quality of the sterling silver or gold filled pieces.

Please contact me if you have any other questions.