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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal Information - What is Renascent Studios jewelry made of? 

All Renascent Studios jewelry is made of with high quality 925 sterling silver, 14K gold/rose gold filled metals. All gemstones are 100% genuine and ethically sourced.


Gold filled & sterling silver are metal alloys meaning two metals combined together, so is 9k, 14k, 18k solid gold. 

14K Gold Filled - contains 5% solid gold that's permanently bonded with heat and pressure onto a base metal (usually jewelers brass or sterling silver). This bonding process is extremely strong and can last for decades, even centuries if taken care of properly. The thick gold layer helps prevent tarnishing, is water safe, a great alternative to solid gold.

All metals used are hypoallergenic, lead, nickel & cadmium free, great for people with skin sensitivities/allergies.

Metal Tarnishing - Will my jewelry turn colours? Will my skin turn colours?

Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion that can form over metals, it's caused from a chemical reaction of the metal and another non-metal compound such as moisture, air or chemicals. The result is a dark tinge or discolouration of your jewelry or skin. Good news is this is usually a surface tarnish which can easily be cleaned or polished off.

Chemical contact can happen often and daily. E.g washing your hands with soap, washing dishes with soap, doing your laundry, putting on body lotion/sunscreen/hand sanitizer, perfume, these are lifestyle-related factors that can be harmful to your jewelry and cause it to tarnish. 

Personal Body chemistry, skin pH, sweat, what you eat, medications you may be taking, etc. along with your environment can affect your jewelry, pollution and humidity are two major factors in jewelry tarnishing.

90% of people usually have no problem wearing metal jewelry, for 10% jewelry pieces might not be as shiny and new looking after a few months. 

Generally, the more committed you are about the care of your jewelry the longer it will last and look great!

Cleaning - How do I clean my jewelry?

A gentle polish with a non-abrasive jewelry polishing cloth will usually restore the shine back to most sterling silver and gold fill pieces.

Regular Day-to-Day Maintenance ~

If you've been sweaty or your jewelry has product on it (especially sunscreen), give your piece a rinse in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild soap then FULLY dry it with a soft cloth.

Deeper Cleaning ~
• Get a bowl of warm water with a bit of mild dish soap (e.g. Dawn)
• Soak for 5-10 minutes 
• Scrub with a ultrasoft toothbrush, be gentle
• Rinse in warm water, be sure all the soap is off 
• Dry well afterward then give a polish

You can chemically clean your jewelry with a jewelry cleaner. Be sure to use a jewelry cleaner for the type of jewelry you are cleaning (e.g. gold cleaner for gold jewelry, sterling silver cleaner for silver jewelry)  

PLEASE NOTE - Never chemically clean gemstones or pearls, only clean using an untreated, dry, soft cloth.

Make sure your jewelry is TOTALLY DRY before storing.

Wearing & Care - How should I care for my jewelry?

~ Avoid all moisture & humidity
~ Sweat is acidic, take your jewelry off when exercising

~ Sunscreen is one of the worst culprits for your metal jewelry and may cause a chemical reaction
~ Chlorine & Salt WILL affect your metal jewelry. Take all jewelry off when swimming, in a hot tub or the ocean
~ Gemstones are delicate and may be damaged or break with misuse, please wear with care
~ Make sure all jewelry is TOTALLY dry after washing hands or when it gets wet
~ Sleeping with your jewelry on will cause damage & unnecessary wear
~ Store jewelry in a sealed bag or a jewelry box when not wearing


Remember, always put your jewelry on LAST after lotions/sunscreen, perfumes, makeup, etc. have sunk onto the skin. Also remove your rings when putting on lotions and hand sanitizers.

Gemstone, Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces Information ~

All bracelets & necklaces are made with flexible, stainless steel, nylon coated professional beading wire, with a test strength of 25lbs. Unless forcefully pulled on bracelets and necklaces should not break.

If you get your bracelet or necklace caught on something, it might not break right away but the beading wire could be damaged. This might be noticeable, your bracelet or necklace may feel looser or look kinked. I recommend contacting me if you have any doubts/concerns. Making a simple repair at this stage is easier than repairing after your jewelry completely breaks. 

If your bracelet or necklace breaks completely, some beads may be lost and charges might apply for it to be fixed. 

Gift Wrapping & Packaging Information ~

All orders come packaged in a complimentary cushioned gift box, with a jewelry care card, perfect for gift giving and storage. 

All fidget jewelry comes with an explanation card and all birthstone jewelry come with a crystal description card. 
Items are shipped securely in a bubble envelope. Multiple items will arrive in the same box to be eco-friendly.

Please contact me if you have any other questions.

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